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How the Ordinary did Something Extra-Ordinary with a Giant Bottle of Serum

February 22, 2024

2 mins

The Power of Something Novel

In an era dominated by digital media, the decision to strap a 12-metre bottle onto an unexpecting barge and float it merrily through the heart of London serves as a reminder of the vivid impact of doing something a bit new. 

Nobody would really care if you over-amped your web-banner and bludgeoned in into everyone’s screen space. In fact, they’d probably hate it. But by taking the time to craft something unusual, The Ordinary have leveraged curiosity as one of the biggest tools in brand exposure.

The Curiosity Catalyst

By daring to something that’s quite frankly, a bit silly, the campaign managed to deliver exactly what any brand manager dreams of. But the underlying concept is as real and tangible as the massive bottle itself. 

They not only garnered immediate attention but also sparked conversations across various platforms, amplifying its reach far beyond the shadows of St Paul’s Cathedral and the Shard.

Reaching New Audiences

And one of the joys of their campaign is that it managed to breach the online bubbles of skincare enthusiasts and suddenly plunk itself into the eyes and feeds of people who might just consider them, the next time they want something similar, albeit smaller.

The Look Nook

And we’re no different. The Look Nook, our latest community, is already attracting hundreds of thousands of beauty lovers. Our community is built on incredible personalization, right down to the fundamentals like complexion, skin type and hair type. 

That means when our users use the platform, they’re getting something they don’t get anywhere else. True personalisation and the ultimate beauty experience. 

The Foundation

Across all our platforms, we want to distil the essence of great, personalized experiences and allow brands to connect to their ideal audiences that love what they do.

Whilst we use the personalization route to magnetize fans to an experience they love, your brand might be different. The real question here is how to use the curiosity catalyst to give your fans something uniquely different to your competitors? It’s the driving force behind this great campaign, but also could be the key to your next big success. 

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