Artificial Intelligence will be responsible for 75% of our business by 2020

//Artificial Intelligence will be responsible for 75% of our business by 2020

Artificial Intelligence will be responsible for 75% of our business by 2020

At FanFinders our business model creates a unique ‘value exchange’ which drives honest communication between consumers and brands. These genuine, opt in connections are created from our own network of 1.8 million members, via our pay-on-results marketing solution.

However, without the tech, there is no business. Our business relies on the cleverly designed tech to conduct performance marketing campaigns for brands and retail giants such as Amazon, Sainsbury’s and Tesco to name but a few.

We have developed proprietary tech that can be used in partnership with brands and businesses looking to launch their own membership verticals. Giving brands and businesses access to an engaged and loyal membership base of over 2 million, which is growing by over 60,000 per month.

In addition to our vertical-specific websites, we have developed technology that allows us to create connections via external platforms, whilst still maintaining seamless real time communication between brand and consumer, which can be tracked from one central admin system.

Although our tech has completely changed the way in which marketing can be conducted, it is far from making people obsolete. Our team has expanded from 4 founders in 2013 to a team of over 18, and a new office greatly needed as the team is fast out growing the existing space.

Alec Dobbie CEO says, ‘Our technology and AI is the basis of the company, without it we don’t have a business. However, our people are as important as ever, despite the fact that it is the tech that generates the results for the clients.’

At FanFinders our employees manage the client relationships and accounts so that the service is as smooth as possible. Additionally, they educate their clients on best use of the technology to ensure that all campaign objectives are being met.

Dobbie continues, ‘Without people, out business would be as frustrating as an automotive phone service, a good idea in theory but it would never work. Our staff are greatly needed and valued, you can’t put a price on human relationships in business.’