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Why We Are Here

For over 50 years UK parents had their personal information collected in doctors surgeries and hospitals and it was sold anybody who wanted to buy it for marketing, profiling and general spam.

In early 2012, having been on the receiving end of incessant phone calls, emails and junk mail as a result of having children our founders set out to change this.

Your Baby Club UK launched in late 2013 on the FanFinders data platform with one simple objective, permission based marketing to parents through 1st party consent and consumer choice with zero spam.

Since launch we’ve gained over 2 million members and have over 80% of the UK baby market as members. We’ve launched Your Baby Club US (20%+ of the market within 12 months) and are preparing to launch in the EU.

We’re the number 1 supplier of 1st party data to Amazon, Nestle, Danone, Tommee Tippee, Fisher-Price and numerous other brands.

Fully GDPR compliant we’ve never failed to meet criteria with over 40 direct brand partners now on our roster.


Don't Take Our Word For It

See what some of our clients have to say about what it's like working with us

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say it really has been fantastic working with you. You’ve been a complete breeze to work with and I hope the feeling is reciprocated. I really do hope you continue to have a successful relationship with Ella’s for years to come"

Ella's Kitchen

Brand Manager

"We started working with Your Baby Club recently on some smaller scale ‘test and learn’ activities with a ‘let’s just see’ attitude… and have been really impressed with the results, definitely beating all of my expectations! The success rate has surpassed any other trial we have undertaken and by a massive margin too."


Senior Brand Manager

"FanFinders treat users’ data in an ethical way, and are very accommodating when it comes to asking for the user for Asda-specific consent wording, meaning the data we work with is fully opted-in which helps us maintain a level of trust with the end user. As a team they are pleasant to work with and very helpful"


Baby Club Manager